About PARI



The Policy Alternatives Research Institute is an interfaculty research organization established to contribute widely to the future society and the global community by proposing new policy alternatives through an integration of the varied and advanced knowledge accumulated at the University of Tokyo.
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Message from the Director

Prof. Ichiro Sakata (June 2016)

... The Policy Alternatives Research Institute was established in 2008 to propose and publicize recommendations and statements on a range of policy alternatives for real-world problem solving. As part of the University of Tokyo, which has taken up the tasks mentioned above, we are currently expected to conceptualize the next generation mechanisms to supplant the limited mechanisms of contemporary society mentioned above, and in disseminate this to the world. ...
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Message from the President of the University of Tokyo

Prof. Makoto Gonokami

The 20th century witnessed dramatic development across all disciplines of the natural sciences, becoming a period of wide-ranging technological advancement. These scientific and technological innovations tremendously expanded the scope of human activities, transformed society, and granted humans unprecedented powers. ...
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The Policy Alternatives Research Institute is an organization with a think tank function, which works as a communicator. ...
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The address and the map of the institute.