Nanotechnology Innovation Research Unit

Established : July 9, 2014



Numerous innovations are anticipated in the field of nanotechnology, particularly in the area of new functional materials that will be superior to current petroleum-based materials. Using a combination of nanocomposites and advanced nanocarbons, such as fullerenes and carbon nanotubes, nanostructures will be tailor-made from materials such as agricultural and marine products. Nanotechnology is now a high priority field in the sciences, and considerable effort has been devoted to developing an innovative nanotechnology industry in the United States. In Japan, similar efforts are required in order to strategically advance nanotechnology research, which requires a sophisticated approach to facilitate the formulation of innovative policy for research strategies, roadmapping, and intellectual property management. The nature of the technology is such that practical application of research results means that systems need to be implemented to facilitate the accumulation, storage, and transfer of industrial horticultural crops, as well as to ensure the safety of utilizing nanomaterials. This research unit engages in such activity while working closely with other centers that conduct advanced nanotechnology research.


  1. Propose policies aimed at strengthening innovation capabilities in the nanotechnology field.
  2. Propose policies concerned with scientific policy formulation using policy support groups to formulate effective innovation strategies, etc.
  3. Propose the development of systems concerned with the accumulation, storage, and transfer of industrial horticultural crops that are essential for the practical application of research results, and systems concerned with the safety of nanomaterials.


  • Ichiro Sakata (Professor, Policy Alternatives Research Institute / Professor, Graduate School of Engineering / Special Advisor to the President)
  • Bunshi Fugetsu (Project Professor, Policy Alternatives Research Institute)


  • Toshiya Watanabe (Vice Director and Professor, Policy Alternatives Research Institute / Professor, Department of Technology Management for Innovation, Graduate School of Engineering / Executive Director, Executive Vice President, the University of Tokyo)
  • Masahiro Sugiyama (Associate Professor, Policy Alternatives Research Institute)
  • Akira Isogai (Professor, Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, the University of Tokyo)
  • Junichiro Mori (Associate Professor, Mathematics and Information Center)
  • Takayuki Ueki (Project Researcher, Policy Alternatives Research Institute)
  • Hajime Sasaki (Associate Professor, Policy Alternatives Research Institute)
  • Yukihiro Furuse (Part-time Lecturer, Policy Alternatives Research Institute)