Policy and System for Resilience

  • How to manage and reduce social vulnerabilities from coupled critical infrastructures against all hazards and threats
    • How to socially implement triage of critical infrastructures in affected areas
    • What the legislative issues are in dealing with emergencies
    • How to organize collaborative actions across sectors and leverage private-sector resources
    • Roles and responsibilities of government as risk bearer of last resort
Infrastructures around Tokyo

Infrastructures around Tokyo

  • Legislative issues for dealing with emergencies
    • Legal preparedness for regulatory and jurisdictional actions before, during and after emergency situations
  • Institutional design for ensuring national crisis/emergency management capability
    • Review of the National Response Framework & National Incident Management System
    • Institutionalization of future-oriented thinking across ministries and agencies such as horizon scanning/strategic foresight capability
    • Organization of collaborative actions across sectors and leveraging private-sector resources
  • Policy and institutional design for critical infrastructure protection
    • Cooperation scheme (government-private, central-local sector)
    • Prioritization of critical infrastructures and resilience planning
    • Investment scheme and incentive offering for enhancing resilience
    • R&D for critical infrastructure protection
Relevant activity: Joint meeting with COCN
(Council on Competitiveness-Nippon) since June 2013
(Final Report: http://pari.u-tokyo.ac.jp/policy/policy140327_cocn.html)